Intuitive Energy Reading Via Email – 4 Questions


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4 Question Email Consultation with Amy 

Over the last decade, I have focused my intuitive ability professionally
to help individuals around the world gain deep understanding and
thought provoking insights about their lives and personal experiences.

I have conducted over 15,000 readings since beginning my practice and have clocked
countless hours in analyzing the complexities of energetic patterning in individuals.
There is no reason to question the intentions of others in your life or your future
when you realize you are creating everything you experience in life.
Free will is THAT powerful and you are the only one who holds this game changing key.

Allow me assist you in creating the clarity and transformation you seek by shedding light on the hidden influences at play. 

Please submit your questions to after payment is complete, referencing your Paypal transaction ID.
I will reply by email within 24 hours with detailed and thorough answers to your questions (at least 400 words per question),
about half of a full page single spaced in 12 point font.
All readings are strictly confidential and your information will never be sold or shared.