The Wild Unknown Tarot

For the last decade, I have been assisting others in exploring the magical path to personal evolution and miraculous transformation. I possess the unique ability to bring you in touch with life changing insights about your life by reading the energetic frequencies and patterns you emit. The insights gained from this divine wisdom enables you to deliberately actualize your deepest desires by realigning these subconscious patterns that can prevent you from reaching the full greatness that is you. Bringing light to the darkness, we are able to achieve spectacularly great vision, depth, purpose, and meaning that was previously missing from our life experience.

As a consummate student of life who has always sought to understand motivation in personality and behavior, I am also able to energetically perceive the thoughts and feelings of other people with just their first name. I can share with you the thoughts, feelings, and intentions of others around you and can tell you how you fit into their picture, from their perspective.

I am able to identify and bring to light energetic patterns that keep you from what you desire most. I utilize the wisdom of the Tarot, along with a spirit guide I work with on the astral plane. My talents help others get in touch with and empower the "true authentic self", putting into motion dynamic vibrational frequencies that allow anything we wish to easily flow into our experience through vibrational attraction. I can easily show you the path to what you want and what course of action is being suggested via divination, but individual results will vary of course as there is no such thing as a "fixed future" as the power of choice and free will are never completely nullified. Ultimately, you are creating your own reality.

I also share my love of crystals with the world as well, bringing humanity up close and personal with the timeless power of crystalline treasures that lie hidden underground. White Heart
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We sell various crystalline delights, from beautiful crystal lamps to stunning natural geodes and cathedrals. Our crystal offerings can assist you in creating stunning ambience and a high
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Amy and Jeremy in historic mining town Pocahontas, Virginia