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About Me

Hello Seekers!

I am Amy Eger

A professional intuitive, tarot diviner, relationship counselor, student of vedic astrology, teacher, artist, and rollerskating yogi.

Over the past 15 years, I have worked with several international psychic websites delivering clarity and truth to seekers around the world. 
I have conducted over 25,000 intuitive tarot sessions since starting my company, White Heart Creations, in 2008. The year before, I graduated magna cum laude from DeSales University in Center Valley, Pennsylvania. I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminology with a minor in Psychology. My chosen major and minor have helped me immensely in my work explaining and forecasting human behavior.

After falling in love with yoga in 2017, I successfully completed 200 hours of yoga teacher training with Vira Bhava Yoga.
Vira Bhava Yoga is a school inspired by the teachings of Shri Vidya Tantra and  Para Yoga. 
 In 2018, I graduated and received my RYT-200 designation making me a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance. More recently, I have been studying Vedic Astrology.
More on that in the future!

At this time, I offer intuitive tarot counseling and one on one support to individuals facing seemingly “unanswerable” questions, difficult emotions, and important life choices. I find solace, peace, and focus in the process of tarot divination – especially at moments when life seems to be spiraling out of control. Tarot helps to bring it all into focus so that we are able to see clearly and then make educated decisions that honor the self.


I specialize in reading about romantic connections since it is through these powerful, mystical experiences with others that we are truly empowered and broken open to the individually unique and highly meaningful adventure of soul evolution, personal growth, and self-realization. Relationships are merely mirrors to better see ourselves with and a powerful opportunity to clarify what our true desires are so that we can ultimately achieve the love and life we want. I feel very blessed to be able to offer myself in this capacity to the world. I love what I do.

To book a reading with me, use the price list below to purchase a reading and I will be back in touch via email within 24 hours to schedule you.

About Tarot

The Wild Unknown Tarot - My Favorite Deck


Tarot divination serves as a voyage of the spirit, acting as a spiritual guide that lights our way – igniting comprehension and personal growth deep within us. This spiritual practice assists us in identifying invisible patterns and bringing them to light so that we may empower ourselves to change them if we wish for improved outcomes in areas of concern. Tarot makes it possible for us to receive divine guidance and insightful messages to assist us in shaping a brighter and more meaningful future. It can also be used to predict the future, which is my main focus and the most common reason why clients reach out to me.

The Tarot, featuring archetypal symbols across 78 cards, serves as a portal to deep insights, meaning, and mystery. According to the late Swiss psychologist and psychoanalyst Carl Jung, symbols function as catalysts or transformers – elevating life’s energy from lower to higher forms through the amplification of consciousness. The images, colors, energetic flow, and various themes of the cards that come together in a session tell us what we need to know and is a highly therapeutic way of putting answers to unresolved questions and issues that we want to put to rest.

Tarot divination seeks to transcend the ordinary and embrace the mystical. It invites us to set aside logic, discard doubt, and boldly enter the unknown. Much like our dreams, whatever emerges in this metaphysical realm can unveil fresh insights that we can use to improve our lives and relationships with others. This journey, driven by an embrace of the inexplicable, aims to reveal unique patterns of identity, the way in which we relate to others, as well as how we relate to the world around us and so much more. 
Tarot is an invaluable tool for penetrating analysis. I rely on it as a means of connecting to and analyzing people and situations I am asked about – usually regarding love and relationships but I can read about practically any concern you might have. 

About My Services

My primary aim is to assist you in gaining fresh perspective when facing challenges, discovering illumination in times of confusion, and uncovering feasible paths forward in times of uncertainty. In our time together, you can expect real answers and actionable solutions: why this is happening, your best course of action, the most advantageous steps you can take for success, valuable insights to keep in mind, and clear guidance on what to embrace and what to let go of.  My reading style is straight forward and compassionate yet extremely honest as there is great healing power found in truth. I recommend making a list of questions or concerns you would like to cover before we connect and suggest taking notes.

You are also free to record our session if you like and can ask as many follow up questions as our session time allows.

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Crystal Home Decor

Amethyst Lamp

Looking for one of a kind crystal decor for your sacred spaces?

I am also a rock, crystal, and mineral enthusiast who travels far and wide to bring others in touch with beautiful gems for home decor and healing purposes. 

Crystals have assisted me in my own personal healing at points of upheaval and transformation in my life. Thanks to their inherently perfect structure, crystals reflect their internal symmetry into the environment they are placed in.

In times of challenge or uncertainty, crystals provide much needed grounding support so that we can more easily stabilize ourselves in times of stress and emotional overwhelm. They are pretty too!

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