Intuitive Tarot Readings with Amy
Specializing in Love and Relationships

Sorcerer's Tarot - The Star

At the age of four, I began experiencing visions of a “star lady” and hearing a telepathic voice that was not my own. This “star lady”, who I later discovered was my spirit guide Xviiola, would tell me things about my future, the people around me, and events that would later take place in my life. As time passed and I grew up, I gradually became more and more aware that the information she gave me as a child was true and quite accurate. 

I was amazed, and it was t
hat experience that began my journey into the realm of the unseen…

I am a self taught Tarot practitioner and metaphysical relationship counselor who works in concert with my spirit guide to deliver clarity, hope, truth and understanding in times of uncertainty and upheaval. I began learning Tarot at sixteen and it’s been a life long love affair ever since.

After graduating college, I decided to commit myself to my Tarot practice as a full time career and started my company, White Heart Creations in 2008. 

I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B.A. in Criminology and minored in Psychology. My education has served me well in my work analyzing people and personalities. I have worked for several psychic websites over the last fifteen years since beginning this labor of love. I am excited to be able to touch so many lives and help many people around the world gain peace of mind AND heart.

I am also a certified RYT 200 Hatha yoga teacher.

I specialize in reading about love and relationships since it is through these powerful, mystical experiences with others that we are truly empowered and broken open to the individually unique and highly meaningful adventure of soul evolution, personal growth, and self-realization.

Relationships are merely a mirror to better see ourselves with.

My reading style is straightforward and compassionate, yet extremely honest. I am able to read the thoughts and feelings of anyone you would like me to connect with just a name.


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The Wild Unknown Tarot

Looking for one of a kind crystal decor for your sacred spaces?


I am also a rock, crystal, and mineral enthusiast who travels far and wide to bring others in touch with beautifully unique gems for
home decor and healing.


Crystals have assisted me in my own personal healing at points of transformation in my life. Thanks to their inherently perfect structure, crystals resonate at a stable energetic frequency. In times of challenge or uncertainty, they provide much needed energetic support so that we can more easily stabilize ourselves emotionally and energetically.


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